Our Mission & Values

As a company we deeply value all of our relationships with the customer, the manufacturer and our most important asset, our employees. What sets us apart from the competition is our people. We strive to encompass a staff made of individuals possessing a self-driven need and determination to take charge and make a difference for our customers and manufacturers. Each employee is dedicated to modeling best practices in all areas of our business. In addition possessing the characteristics of honesty, and fair dealings, each employee recognizes and concurs with the following core company principals:


Provide excellence in our products offered, services provided, long term growth and employee satisfaction


To be a responsible, trustworthy partner respected by all parties.


To foster positive relationships with our colleagues, clients and the communities in which we do business.


To demonstrate the ability to be consistent, trustworthy and dependable, maintaining credibility and following through on assigned tasks.

Our History

Critical Power Solutions, Inc. (CPS) was founded in April of 2004 by Lanny P Toups, Jr. and Jo Marie Toups. Our goal as a company is to be a preferred provider for mission critical systems, infrastructure and power system designs. We seek to establish long term relationships with both our customers and manufacturers. Our services are provided to customers within Louisiana and Southern Mississippi region and we provide the highest level of customer service while maintaining our core company principals of quality, integrity, respect and reliability.

Our Team

Michelle Geissler

Since 1989 Michelle has been providing customers with sales and service locally in the electrical industry. Michelle joined the team at CPS in April of 2010 and remains eager and willing to assist customers with product sales and service including but not limited to quotations, submittals, orders, and shipments. Michelle’s extensive knowledge of the manufacturers and their product base enables Critical Power Solutions, Inc. to continue to provide its customers with the highest level of customer service and support in the industry. Michelle is also the point of contact for service sales for Schneider Electric’s line of UPS and precision cooling products.

Michelle Geissler

Jo Marie Toups

With the knowledge and the experience gained during her 22-year career in the banking industry, Jo Marie brings her abilities in sales, service, management, and training to Critical Power Solutions, Inc. She oversees the day-to-day operations of the business and handles managing all administrative and financial records. She works closely with both Sales and Support to assure that our customer-focused business culture and vision are realized. In addition, Jo Marie works on developing and implementing new initiatives and marketing strategies to preserve Critical Power Solutions, Inc. as the leading provider for mission-critical solutions in our region.

Jo Marie Toups

Lanny Toups

Working to provide solutions since 1991, Lanny has strived to bring the latest technology and design practices to address his customer’s challenges. By focusing on each customer’s individual needs and assessing their infrastructure requirements, Lanny works to close the gap between multiple manufacturers, suppliers, contractors, engineers, and IT facility end-users. With his strong work ethic and listening skills, Lanny focuses on getting to know the individual customer with the goal of uncovering their unique project design challenges to address where they are today and to help implement a solution that will also address where they need to be in the future. This information is then used to provide best-practice-based solutions utilizing reliable, energy-efficient technologies in the mission-critical environment.

From single-phase to three-phase applications, Lanny has become a trusted advisor in Louisiana and the southern Mississippi region to many end-users, engineering firms, and contractors. Through his commitment to excellence, superior knowledge base, and long-term business relationships, Lanny is able to add value to our customer’s projects by partnering with some of the finest manufacturers in the industry.

Lanny Toups

Britt Aguda

Britt comes to us with an Associate of Science degree in Electronics and Computer Engineering Technology and a Master of Science in Applied Physics.  He has over 5 years of working experience as the Physics Center Resource Coordinator at Xavier University, in New Orleans, LA.

With his strong background in electrical system design and analytics, critical thinking, and mathematics, Britt will be a great asset to our team and our customers!  Britt’s role will initially be as an Inside Sales and Support Representative but based on his background, we expect he will wear many hats here at CPS.

Britt Aguda

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