Terms & Conditions


Items, products and/or features that are not specifically noted on our quotation may or may not be specifically available. Please consult with CPS, Inc. for further clarification regarding additional items. Any issues concerning the quote and/or the items that are being provided must be agreed to and resolved in writing. Critical Power Solutions, Inc. is not responsible for items that are not specifically noted on this quotation. Freight – If Freight is included in quotation it will be considered dock to dock unless specified otherwise on the quote. Shipping & Handling – will be specified independently on the quote. All CPS quotes are valid for a term of (30) days (unless otherwise noted on the quote). Please verify pricing with CPS if quote is outside of the (30) day time frame. Any and all off-loading, rigging, installation, lifting etc. is not included (unless specifically noted otherwise on the quotation.) Start-Up Services – If start-up services apply, please provide (2) weeks’ notice to schedule product start up services. In most cases, completion of a start-up checklist will be required to schedule the services Please Make Purchase Orders out to:

Critical Power Solutions, Inc. PO Box 5189 Abita Springs, LA 70420

Payment Terms: Net 30 Days unless specific payment terms are indicated otherwise on the quotation/proposal.

Freight Terms: Freight is Prepay & Add (unless indicated otherwise on quote or proposal) shipping is Best Way


(unless otherwise indicated on quote or proposal) Shipping & Handling and or Freight and Sales Tax are NOT included in the Total Price and will
be included on the final invoicing unless otherwise specified. Please ensure that the Purchase Order has a Purchase Order number, shipping address, receiving person’s name, phone number, email address, billing contact name, phone number and email address and any other required special instructions.

Please Email PO’s to orders@cps-corp.net or fax orders to 985-875-1931


Critical Power Solutions, Inc. Terms and Conditions of Sale shall apply to all sales made by Critical Power Solutions, Inc. originating from this quotation or proposal. Any additional or different terms contained in the Buyer’s purchase orders, invoices, confirmation or other documents generated by the Buyer are hereby specifically and unequivocally rejected and shall not be binding on Critical Power Solutions, Inc. unless Critical Power Solutions, Inc. specifically agrees in writing to accept such additional or different terms. Critical Power Solutions, Inc. reserves the right to request progress payments based upon the monetary value of the order and/or for credit reasons. Terms are subject to credit approval. It is agreed that all invoices will be paid within thirty (30) days unless otherwise agreed to in writing. Any invoices not paid within thirty (30) days shall be considered past due and shall be subject to a finance charge of 1.5% per month (18% per annum) or the maximum rate permitted by applicable state law, whichever is the lesser. If any legal action is instituted to collect past due amounts, Critical Power Solutions, Inc. shall be entitled to recover, in addition to all said past due amounts, any damages, legal interest, collection costs, and reasonable attorney’s fees. Returns are subject to the manufacturer’s specific product return policy and procedures (RMAs/CMAs). All products returned are subject to a minimum 33% restocking fee by Critical Power Solutions, Inc. (Restocking fees are subject to change at any time and within Critical Power Solutions, Inc. sole discretion. If these terms are accepted, it is agreed that the Individual / Company will provide Critical Power Solutions (Signed purchase order or requisition order). Freight (if specifically included) is to job site only. No lift gate truck, off-loading, rigging and installation of equipment are by others (unless specifically noted otherwise on the quotation or proposal).